Issuance of NC/COC thru the courier system

Starting September 16, 2016, the issuance of National Certificates / Certificates of Competency in Calabarzon region shall be done thru the courier system.  TESDA 4A and WWW.Express signed an agreement ensuring a three-day delivery of NC/COC to successful assessees.  After the Competency Assessment Result Slip (CARS) is filed at the courier service, the NC/COC will be delivered on the third day on the address given by the assessee.  

A series of orientation sessions are being conducted throughout the region for all accredited Assessment Center Managers and  Processing Officers, accredited competency assessors and TESDA Reps.

Inspired by the successful implementation of the courier system in NCR, Calabarzon opted to adopt the courier system as part of its continuous improvement process to ensure an effective and efficienct issuance of NC/COC.