JZGMSAT, QNAS get 3, 2 stars in STAR RatingSystem for TVET Program

Congratulations to Jacobo Z. Gonzales Memorial School of Arts and Trades for getting 3 STARS in the STAR Rating System for  TESDA Programs.

Congratulations to Quezon National Agricultural School for getting 2 STARS.

Congratulations to St. Michael College of Laguna for getting 1 STAR.

The STAR Rating System of TVET Programs aims to recognize the accomplishment, improvements and innovations that TVIs have instituted in furtherance of the competency-based training reforms initiated by TESDA and to determine the level of quality of TVET provision of TVIs. 

Out of the 12 TVIs that applied for the Regional STAR Rating of TVET Programs, only three met the criteria for the said awards.

The evaluation of STAR applications was conducted last July-September 2016 and focused on four major areas such as program governance and management, curriculum and program delivery, support services and program performance measures.  Corresponding value points were given for each criteria for a total of 500 points.  A TVI with 300-374 gets a candidate status; 375-424 gets 1 Star; 425-474 gets 2 stars and 475-500 gets 3 stars.

The Regional Board of Judges recommends regional qualifiers to the National Board of Judges who confers the final STAR level awards to TVIs.