Provincial K -12 Summit in Batangas

TESDA Batangas and Dep Ed Batangas division have just launched the K-12 Curriculum Provincial Summit last October 30, 2014 at the University of Batangas, Batangas City. The summit aimed at enlightening the TESDA schools and centers with the qualifications covered under k -12. About 120 school administrators and registrars  attended the summit. Dr Carlito Rocafort, the SDS of DepEd Batangas division intoned that this is the first ever provincial summit conducted at CALABARZON involving DepEd officials and TVIs. The summit was well attended as all the 69 TVIs under TESDA sent their representatives. Dr. Macaria Carandang, the TLE Provincial Coordinator of DepEd and Mr David Nuay, the Chairperson of K - 12 presented the K -12 Curriculum identifying the TESDA courses or qualifications covered and areas of cooperation between DepEd schools and TESDA schools. ARD Carlos Flores pressed the TVIs to exert efforts to reach out to their counterparts in DepEd and present their school offerings. He advised them to invest time and resources at this transition stage of K - 12, the Grades 9 and 10 preparation for Grade 11 in 2016. This summit is a joint project of the Provincial Technical Vocational and Education Association (PTVEA) - Batangas headed by the very energetic President Dr. Editha Mision of UB; DepEd Batangas division and TESDA Batangas This fourth quarter TESDA Batangas shall then assist DepEd Batangas enskilled and certifiy their TLE teachers. It is expected that all Grades 9 and 10 teachers are TESDA NC II holders.