TESDA-PTC Rosario Wins 1st National Campus Fire Brigade Competition

Congratulations to TESDA PTC-Rosario!

Beating the participating teams from Ateneo de Manila and Manila Central University, TESDA PTC Rosario was hailed as the champion in the 1st National Campus Fire Brigade Competition las March 2, 2013 at Mehan Garden, Manila.  The competition was organized  by the Safety Organization of the Philippines and the Bureau of Fire Protection in celebration of the Fire Prevention Month.  Entitled  "7 in 1" the competition aims to encourage different institutions to participate and join the endeavor against the consequences of fire.

The participating teams led by Team Manager and PTC Rosario Administrator Rizal S. Bautista competed in five events such as Fire Whiz, Rescue and Transfer Relay Operation, Hose Laying and Replacement of Busted Hose, Bucket Relay and Flammable Liquid Fire Extinguishment.  The team was composed of PTC Rosario trainees who were trained on the proper use and handling of firefighting equipment as part of the yearly inspection for fire safety compliance. 

Prior to winning the national competition, TESDA Rosario also participated in Cavite Economic Zone's Fire Brigade Competition last February 25, 2013 as a guest participant and was adjudged as the Most Disciplined Team.